Anonymous whispered: (3024) Oh my god, the trashiest guy is over there. (3016) You're telling me because? (3024) I'm gonna bang it.

do you want me to pick characters or do you want specific characters?

what do you all think of nogitsune!stiles?

that ep scared the hell out of me!


i’m adding new members for my teen wolf texts from last night blog: please send me a message at either accounts if you are interested.

Sorry I havent been around I am getting my laptop repaired, will be back in the next few days though :)

Anonymous whispered: Am I the only one that doesnt ship Stiles and Lydia that much? I mean, I love them both and I think Lydia is a strong woman but I believe Stiles deserves better, someone that actually loves and takes care of him...

No! I feel exactly the same, I like the fact that Stiles is whipped because it’s cute but I totally agree with that, I ship them more as friends or a crush.